Duolingo App – The Astonishing Platform For Language Learning


Duolingo App:- Language learning is very necessary as well has having a good vocabulary in a specific language is very important to communicate with people in a good way, And as we all know Learning languages is not that easy, And as lately most of the youth wants to study abroad they need to know the basic language of that country and that too in a fluent way, Thus today we will be talking about the best destination (platform), which will keep in check about the learning and reading of your new language and the name of this one stop platform is Duolingo App.


What really is Duolingo App?

Duolingo app or website, Is a made in america platform for language learning and this platform also hosts digital Exams as well as teaching/coaching so people can learn and be fluent in their respective languages they want to be.

This platform was launched in November 2011, and till date it has more than 300 million active users And you can easily find almost any language on this platform, The most common usage of this app is basically for learning English language, As English is the most commonly and widely spoken language in this entire world.

This website and app also has some great amazing features so to name a few lets list them down below:-

Features of The One stop Platform Duolingo App:-


  • Fun in learning:- This app of Duolingo as well as their website, Makes learning very fun and easy as the app has very gamified drawings and interface that makes the learning process a lot more easier and fun and people tend to have a lot of fun while learning even the toughest languages throughout the planet.
  • Free Learning:- Legitimately This app is for Free, That means there is no catch and you can use the browser version or the app up to your comfort and not even pay a single penny for the entire learning procedure.
  • Learn faster than at a University:- You can learn here faster than at a University, as this app has a record that about 34 hours of study at Duolingo is about a semester of university, well isn’t that amazing.
  • Learn almost any language:- Yes you heard it right you can learn almost any language on this platform be it German,Korean,French, English, Japanese, Mandarin Etc.
  • A very Vibrant User interface:- This app holds a very user friendly as well as a vibrant user interface which in turn makes the users very attracted to the app and people tend to stick around for a longer time to learn languages than they do at universities.
  • And much lot more:- And that’s not about it, many other features as well could be known of once a person uses Duolingo app or website.



In our eyes, If you ever wish to learn any language then there is no better platform than Duolingo as for real this is a free to learn and a totally astonishing platform as the features are a lot and the price is nil, this makes the app the best app to go for.

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