Introducing new features in Microsoft Teams, Know about them all :-


Microsoft Teams:- If you are working and need a portal where you can chat with your colleagues, Do video conferences and take meetings or even store files and have app integration then the best option for sure is Microsoft team, Because first of all it is developed and launched by Microsoft and it is integrated with Office 365 that means you can easily pursue and look up on various office based outlets be it Word documents, Ppt etc and This app has an amazingly awesome user interface and it is surely the best app that is out there for all the users and it hosts loads of other features as well.

Microsoft Teams

About the Microsoft Teams :-

The microsoft company announced the Teams app and and the web version in an Event that was held in New York City and the service was launched in the world on March 14th 2017. The app was created with Brian Mcdonald who is currently the head of corporate Vice president at Microsoft company.

This app is amazing and surely surreal and the new update that hit the app surely changed everything about this app and has made it even more lovable among the audience and the new features of this app are as following :-

New Features of the Microsoft Teams :-

The Together Mode :-

Features of the Microsoft Teams
Features of the Microsoft Teams

This feature is surely stunning and pretty amazing as it puts the users of a slide on a same screen together, which makes the users feel like they are sitting together and thus improves the togetherness of people that are taking the conference or meeting in this app. This mode has been only made possible by Artificial intelligence Segmentation Technology , And This mode is pretty appropriate for Meetings as users feel it ideal as they can work together as a team for assignments and jobs and well like a unified Company and team.

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The Dynamic Mode :-

The Microsoft Company has been surely working on improving their Video Meeting’s experience and thus with the Help of Another AI technology they have come up with the Dynamic View mode. This mode allows users to have more control over the other participants along with their shared content and that too in a simple and easy manner.

Dynamic Mode
Dynamic Mode

The Dynamic View is pretty amazing as it will automatically Adjust the view of the screen and so participants are the ones who are prioritized that to over the main panel of the screen and the audio based participants are focused on the right side and this interface is said to be even better than Zoom’s .

The Large Gallery view :-

The Large gallery view is another amazing feature of the Microsoft Teams application, And it allows 49 People to be available on one single Screen at one time. And the Microsoft teams app has said that they even plan on increasing the number of participants in one single screen to up to 1000, Though for now 49 is said to be the number and which is pretty good for Conference meetings of Offices and Colleges.

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