Ludo Star Game – The Amazing Ludo Battle

Ludo Star Game

Ludo Star Game:- Ludo is a very fun to play game and especially if you are playing it with your friends and family, The symphony of skills and luck is what an actual game of ludo is, where the player has 4 pawns and they have to cross the pawns throughout the map of the game so that all the pawns reach their home destinations, and meanwhile there are also troubling situations that can arise such as some opponent might try to cut your pawn, thus there are safe spots and other thoughts that you need to apply to win the game and have a good luck in it.


And Lately Mobile ludo games are very famous, thus we will be talking about one amazing mobile ludo game that is filled with amazing features and that is free to play for everyone. And the name of this marvelous game is Ludo Star Game.

What is Ludo Star Game?

Ludo star game is a free to play ludo game available on the playstore as well as app store, the game has a minimum of 4/5 Star rating on playstore and has a lot of amazing features that users can enjoy as well, This game is designed and published by Gameberry labs, and the game has over 10 million downloads already on the playstore, So without further ado lets talk about some of its amazing features:-

The Fascinating Features of The Ludo Star Game:-

Features of Ludo Star Game

  • Play online with Random people:- In this game you can easily play online with random people if you don’t have much friends who like to play ludo, Simply just go online and find a game and make new ones.
  • Play with friends and family in private lobby:- There is this private lobby mode which is a secured lobby where you and your friends/family can come and join with the lobby name and password and you can thus play with them.
  • Play in multiplayer team mode:- Play as a pair as 2x 2v2 matches.
  • Chat and communicate with others while playing the game:- You can add stickers, and many other funny stickers to the opponent to communicate along with normal messages and pre written text messages.
  • Take part in tournaments that happen everyday:- The app daily hosts 3 hour tournaments which one can easily join and win lots of amazing rewards.
  • Bet free matches with friends:- You can play matches with 0 bets with your friends as well, if you want to create a friendly environment rather than a competitive one.



In our eyes and especially during the miserable lockdown, It is a great option to connect with people and make new friends by playing the amazing ludo star game as mainly it is Free to play and has a lot of amazing features, and another great factor that makes this game better than all the other games like ludo king etc is that the chat system of this game is really very fun than its fellow competitor apps that are around there.

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